Significant New Additions

Full security in Common Knowledge Studio

New role-based security added to Common Knowledge Studio with login based on roles with permissions and privileges.

Security Administrator

New application to provide administration of security configuration for Common Knowledge Studio.

DSL Patterns

A pattern language that allows you to build more natural grammar type mappings on top of the Common Knowledge expressions (e.g. [0:5000] could be expressed as "between 0 and 5000", or "> 30" could be expressed as "Applicant is older than 30").

Date effectivity

Date effectivity on Rule Extenders and rules. Date effectivity allows the specification of date/time when rules apply.

Multi-select operations

Ability to multi-select in the workspace view for cut/copy/paste/delete operations.

Rule statistics

Application Environment, Knowledgebase and Rule Extender statistics can now be viewed showing number of rules, number of decisions, number of actions etc for an application environment (these statistics can be included in the generated HTML documentation)

Cross-reference reporting

Cross-referencing of individual items in the workspace view. e.g. select an item in the workspace view such as a Decision Table, Context Object etc. and view a report showing where it is referenced from, what it references or both.

New documentation fields

Additional documentation fields added to Application Environment including Author and Company