Significant New Additions

Tabbed Workspaces

Each open application environment is now assigned a separate tab in the workspace view. Tabs can be easily selected from a pulldown list.


Common Knowledge Studio now has a full undo/redo capability across all workspace elements and rule extenders.

Export to HTML using XSLT and CSS

Rules can be exported to HTML. Exporting uses customisable transforms and cascading stylesheets and supports a range of options that can be configured to control the output content and format.

Export to XML

Rules can be exported to industry standard XML, allowing custom processing such as document generation, reporting, and code generation to be performed.

All extenders and Common Knowledge Studio views can now be previewed and printed.

Enhanced Workflow Connections

All workflow connections now allow the role of their endpoints to be specified (e.g. default, cancel, reset).

Enhanced Debugging

Call stack and evaluation views have been added to the Common Knowledge Studio debugger.

Cell & Node Text Wrapping

Cell text in decision tables and decision grids and node text in workflows can now wrap.

Dual Monitor Support

Improved behaviour of Common Knowledge Studio on dual monitor configurations.

Context Class Methods

Scripted procedures and rule extenders can now be used as methods for context user classes.

Cross-Reference Reporting

Comprehensive interactive cross reference report now available supporting impact analysis and rules navigation.


Global search and replace now fully implemented in Common Knowledge Studio.

Delphi 2007 Support

Support added to Rules Engine API for Delphi 2007.

Property Editor Improvements

Optional popup property text editor for potentially long strings including reasons, definitions, and expressions.

Rete Rules Logging Improvements

Additional Rete Rules execution logging added to show agenda activity.

Performance Improvements

Faster load, compile, execution and save times in Common Knowledge Studio and the Windows API.

Open Window List

Open child (extender) window list added to the Window menu in Common Knowledge Studio allowing open rule extender editors to be quickly located and activated.