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The Common Knowledge Visual Script rule format allows interactive forms to be added to your business rules. With the incorporation of a comprehensive form builder and palette of visual controls, rich user interfaces can be rapidly built and deployed.


The Common Knowledge Visual Script rule format provides capabilities in a number of areas to enable you to implement comprehensive forms based solutions:

Visual Form Builder Build rich forms using drag and drop operations
Rules Project Integration All external rules project elements are accessible from scripts
Launcher Integration Visual Form based rules projects can be launched and packaged using the Common Knowledge Launcher
Database Connectivity Access corporate databases and present data using ADO database components


The Common Knowledge Visual Script rule format incorporates a comprehensive list of features to support the development of rich and highly interactive form based interfaces to your business rules. Features include:

Visual Form Builder Support for multiple forms and non-form based scripts
Full Undo-Redo Support Undo-redo available for all form and script based operations
Full Search and Replace Support Search and replace text across all forms and scripts
Full Clipboard Support Cut, copy and paste support for all visual, non-visual and script elements
Component Alignment Tools Controls can be aligned and evenly spaced using a comprehensive set of alignment tools
Event Handling Script based handlers supported for visual and non-visual control events
Control Library Many visual and non-visual controls for operations including form layout, data entry, database access, database editing, and dialog handling
Intellisense Full intellisense editing when scripting control properties and ruleset element access
Ruleset Integration Script access to all external (in scope) project elements such as object, definitions and other rulesets