If you are a licensed user of Common Knowledge or are currently evaluating Common Knowledge to determine it's suitability, there are a range of support options available to ensure that questions and issues can be addressed in the most timely and effective manner.

  • FAQ - The FAQ page provides a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If your new to Common Knowledge, this can be an ideal place to look for an answer to an issue or to obtain some handy tips and hints.
  • Forum - The Forum contains a rich set of resources and facilities where you can view the latest news and articles from Object Connections, and directly interact with wider Common Knowledge user community.
  • Email - The Email Support page can be used to provide Object Connections with details of a technical problem with a specific Common Knowledge component. Upon completion it will be sent to the Object Connections support team where it will be assigned a unique support ticket (details will be emailed to you). If you have encountered unexpected behaviour in any of the Common Knowledge products then by providing us with details will help to ensure the problem is recorded and a solution can be provided.
Other support options include:
  • Contact - The Contact page allows you to send a general enquiry to Object Connections. These may be product, sales or technical however it is recommended that technical enquiries be submitted using the Email Form or Forum.
  • Site Search - The Site Search facility is displayed at the top right of each page. Enter keywords related to your issue and a list of search results will be displayed in order of relevance.