Designer Component


Common Knowledge Designer is a visual development environment that provides support for the capture, representation, maintenance, validation, evaluation and documentation of business rules.

This allows developers, analysts and managers to work together on the formulation and ongoing maintenance of an organisation's business rule assets.

SDK Component


Business rules built using Common Knowledge Designer can be integrated directly into your business systems using the Common Knowledge SDK.

The SDK is a comprehensive business rules authoring and execution API which now provides extensive support for all .NET languages, as well as native support for Delphi and ActiveX.

Launcher Component


Common Knowledge Launcher is a standalone business rules server that can be used to independently execute rules authored using Common Knowledge Designer.

Common Knowledge Launcher supports the execution of rules in both interactive and batch modes and the packaging of rules into standalone executable applications.

Viewer Component


Common Knowledge Viewer is a read-only environment for the viewing of business rules authored using Common Knowledge Designer.