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The Problem

Business rules are the key day-to-day policies, constraints and know-how that, for example, allow insurance companies to determine premiums, telecommunication carriers to determine call spends and banks to authorize credit. As such, business rules are one of an organisation's most valuable, yet least leveraged assets. They are strategic to the successful operation of all organisations.

Common Knowledge provides both developers and business-users with the means to define, manage and modify the business logic behind complex applications by altering the rules alone. Common Knowledge gives you the power to change the rules without resorting to costly changes in application code so the whole business can work as a team.

Common Knowledge gives organisations an opportunity to transform their business rules into strategic corporate assets.

The Solution

The Common Knowledge business rules product line has a range of offerings to best meet your needs.

The Outcome

Air Services Australia

See how Air Services Australia has used Common Knowledge to manage complex pricing models...

Quila Financial Services

See how Quila Financial Services has used Common Knowledge to manage complex third party insurance products...

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