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Common Knowledge Designer is a visual development environment that provides comprehensive support for the capture, representation, maintenance, validation, evaluation and documentation of business rules. Common Knowledge Designer is a native Windows® application that provides a rich and interactive user interface for the development of your business rules and application logic. Each supported rule format is provided with its own custom editor that provides rich, visual feedback during editing and execution of your business rules (see image).


Common Knowledge Designer provides the following features:

  • Many business rule formats including decision tables, decision trees, decision grids, workflows, rete-rules and scripts
  • Highly visual and interactive business rules editors
  • Powerful automated business rules testing and validation
  • Automated generation of rich business rules documentation
  • Interactive evaluation of business rules without application support
  • Unlimited undo, redo and clipboard operations
  • Comprehensive suite of sample business rules
  • Comprehensive context sensitive and print ready user and reference guide


Capture, Configure, Control, Automate

When business rules are embedded directly into the programming logic of your own application source code the business logic becomes difficult and expensive to maintain. Additionally, there is no visibility of this business logic to your client business users.


Common Knowledge Designer provides the following benefits:

  • Representation and maintenance of business rules in a highly visual and intuitive manner familiar to both business and technical staff
  • Quick implementation of policy, pricing or product changes in response to changing business conditions
  • Reduced IT development and maintenance costs
  • Improved operational effectiveness and quality control through continual enhancement of business rules and policies
  • Clear separation of business rules from the computer programs and information systems that use them
  • Automation of decision-making within business processes increases visibility and reduces errors
  • Effective sharing of business rules across applications, departments, suppliers, customers and partners

Rule Formats

Choice, Appropriate, Flexible

Common Knowledge Designer supports a wide variety of business rule formats. Whilst many business rules products provide only one or two formats, Common Knowledge ensures that regardless of the problem you are trying to solve, there will be an appropriate rule format or set of rule formats available. Using Common Knowledge Designer, rule formats can be easily combined into powerful hybrid solutions, that represent rules in more intuitive and understandable ways.

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