Case Study - Financial Services

Recent incorporation of the Common Knowledge business rules infrastructure into mission critical applications across the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors is definitely keeping leading organisations performing.

Delivering solutions to respected icons such as Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro and other global financial markets institutions, independent software vendor Object Trading sees real value in incorporation of the Common Knowledge visual business rules technology.

"Software solutions that drive the financial markets demand flexibility, personalisation and absolute robustness. Our ability to configure and personalise our software products into solutions to suit each end-clients' trading activities really stands us out from the crowd" comments Director, Mr Bernard Orenstein. "The incorporation of Common Knowledge will ultimately empower our clients like Deutsche Bank to customise the software to support their own trading strategies and enable development of uniquely marketable financial products."

Similarly, Michael Edwards Financial Services, a distributor of GIO and AMP insurances to over 300 retail outlets, until recently heavily relied on a manual process for managing changes in premiums and rates. Prior to implementation of Common Knowledge, retailers were responsible for quotation accuracy using a manual distribution process involving a series of paper based tables, lists and charts. This naturally resulted in a number of ongoing problems, including financial losses due to incorrect and inconsistent quotations. In contrast, after implementation of a Common Knowledge rules based solution, updates to premiums and insurance policies can be rapidly incorporated into a single rule base with no need for IT involvement. The updated rules base may immediately be deployed to retailers using electronic distribution mechanisms – no matter when the rules change, hourly, daily or weekly as the case may be.

About Object Trading

Object Trading is an international independent software vendor and consultancy specialising in financial markets trading software systems and services for international investment banks, brokerages, and fund managers. As an Object Connections OEM and SI partner, Object Trading leverages the Common Knowledge business rules management solution to reduce development times and markedly increase the flexibility of their solutions.